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RWI (Rumah Wirausaha Indonesia)



Indonesia has a bonus demography with majority of population are young people.
Tito and Sarah as the founders of "Home of Indonesia Entrepreneur" incooperation officially with Jakarta Province Govenrment, held series of entrepreneurship training for empowering millenial generation.

At  Sunday 16th of Dec 2018 in Jagakarsa Sub Distric sport hall, we train entrepreneurship for 200 Jagakarsa Sub District local youth which covering 6 urban villages (South Jakarta).

We train them about :
1. Capability to create business idea based on local potency
2. Making busines concept
3. Financial planning
4. Simple business risk mitigation

This training then will be followed up with the online advance course by our team. This to make sure the progress sustainable.

At this training day, we also held local youth talent competition, and SME products expo for public.
We plan to have more training session in 2019 for other Sub Districts.
(Jakarta population are 10,3 million people live in 44 Sub Districts and 267 Urban Villages).

Further if you have quite simillar mission, please contact us. We hope to have the cooperation with you.

Best regards
Tito Loho
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